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Search for student jobs, apprenticeships and retail jobs on Teen Jobs
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5 Ways To Gain Experience

5 Ways to get experience whilst completing your study

It is absolutely imperative to get experience in the workforce whilst you study rather than wait until you have completed your course and be left out in the cold with no on the job experience.  All on the job experience is like gold. 

Why? Getting a job is like winning a long distance race. You need to prove that you are correctly armed with the skills required to land that graduate job. Developing your skills whilst studying and gaining valuable on the job experience will put you in a top position to overcome the barrier of not finding a job after graduation.

So now we know how important it is and why we need on the job experience, let s look into how we go about achieving this task. Below is a list of five objectives you should be looking at achieving to get rich in experience so you are able to land that graduate job after completing your study:

1. You need to network. You should be using all your available networks such as your parents friends, your cousins friends, your next door neighbour, in fact anyone that you know. This is the easiest method of networking is tapping into our existing networks to see if there are any opportunities to get some on the job skill training for the area you have specialised.  If there is no one that you know that can assist, use business networking groups. You never know whom you may be able to ask for direction.

2. Look into Temping agencies. Temping agencies specialise in providing gaps in employment where employers need short term staff. Sure the pay may be small, but at least you’re getting experience which is invaluable. A short google search on temping agencies might be handy here.

3. Freelance. It’s a good way to get experience and get paid. This may be the case for photographers, graphic artists, animators, writers and editors. You can do this in the comfort of your own home even.

4. Volunteering. Volunteer for your local University or college magazine, volunteer to help setting up computer networks, volunteer with the local animal park, volunteer at the local nursing home or volunteer creating a Christmas email campaign for a local business. Pitch an idea to your local business in how you can help them and im sure they won’t say no if you are confident in what you are doing.

5. Cold call. People may be shy at doing this without face to face contact, but it does definitely save you from visiting every employer you wish to work for one by one. What you can do is then arrange a face to face chat if they are welcome to your idea of a few weeks work experience with them. If you are working for free, keep it short. More than a few weeks unpaid work and they are getting more out of the situation than you are. Some employers offer a full time position after seeing competence in work experience students and this quite likely resembles from the student actually approaching the employer from a phone call or off the street.

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