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Search for student jobs, apprenticeships and retail jobs on Teen Jobs
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Search for student jobs, apprenticeships and retail jobs on Teen Jobs
Search for student jobs, apprenticeships and retail jobs on Teen Jobs
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Be Patient
Getting a Job

Be patient with your job search! Some of us can get impatient with how slow our applications may be processing, or the fact that employers are not getting back to us quick enough. It can be extremely frustrating to get an email or a call a month after you applied for the job to say that they apologise for the late reply but on this occasion you have been unsuccessful for the position. Even after you have spent nearly 2 hours with the application itself, responding to job criteria and completing online applications.

We have to just accept the fact that employers are a busy lot and we can’t control when they will get in touch with us. What can make us feel better is calling the employer to make sure they have received the application and asking them what is the timeframe that they will get back to you. This way, we can have some time expectations of how our application is being processed.

When we are impatient, it is possible to make rash and impulse decisions about our career. This can lead us down the wrong track. An example is when our dream job is compromised by another which is easier to get into and ‘second best’. If you want to look back on what you did on your life as something that you just accepted because you settled for it that is fine. But why not focus on what we want? Perhaps the reason is that we are impatient and lazy to do the things we need to do to be where we want to be.

When we are impatient, we can also look outside our scope. We can apply across industries and even roles that we want. Coming out of school, we might want to get an electrical apprenticeship. In the local paper that has all the jobs listed, say there are no jobs of this nature. What happens if a builder’s apprenticeship is listed? Would you go for this job? It could be tempting, however it is looking outside our scope of what we set out to achieve in the first place.

When you are impatient, acknowledge this and take a deep breath. Slow down. You probably have high expectations of getting to where you want to be in an unrealistic time frame.

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