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Search for student jobs, apprenticeships and retail jobs on Teen Jobs
Search for student jobs, apprenticeships and retail jobs on Teen Jobs
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Resume Tips
Resume Tips

Resumes are generally no more than one to two pages and must include your education, work history, and any other training and skills.

You don't need to have had previous employment to have a resume. Focus instead on the skills and experience you have gained through school, study, work experience and hobbies.

  • Keep your resume simple.
  • Use techniques to make it easy for employers to scan and get the key points very quickly.
  • Use headings, bold important words and
    use dot points.
  • Have a master resume and always keep it up to date.
    Then customise it to suit individual employers and positions.

Resume checklist

Yes - Important No - Don't include
Personal contact details: name, address, phone numbers (email address, mobile number if available) The actual workds: name, address, phone number etc
Career objective matches position applied for Personal details like your marital status, health, race or nationality
Work skills: highlight and demonstrate teh things you can do Personal characteristics and traits (things you are)
Education and Training Subjects and grades unless relevant or requested by the employer
Employment history listed appropriately (view the sample resume Detailed list of duties, irrelevant information
Accomplishments and career highlights Generic hobbies and interests (unless they specifically relate to the job or highlight employability skills, for example, leadership roles)
Referees - include their name, position and contact details Written references
1-2 pages (3 max), plenty of white space Cover page and attachments, for example a copy of your Year 12 Certificate or university degree
Tables and columns if used are consistent throughout Borders around tables
Clear font (Arial or Tahoma 14/12) Over-stylised fonts
Clear headings Headings with nothing to go with them
Full name and page numbers on each page Page borders and graphics (unless these suit position applied for)
White or cream paper Coloured paper

Resume flight-check

Before sending your application check it over to ensure there are no mistakes

Ask someone else to look over it for you, preferably someone who is a good writer. Two sets of eyes are better than one, and they can advise you on things to improve. Read it out aloud once you've made your final draft.

Ensure you have read the job advertisement and any other information thoroughly
For example, some employers may ask you to send several copies of your application. Others might want you to address specific selection criteria. If you miss things like this, the employer might think you lack attention to detail.

Don't send too much
Employers are very busy and will not want to be bombarded with information they haven't asked for.

Send copies only of your documents
If the employer has requested copies of certificates and other formal documents, send copies only. You can show them the originals if required at your interview. If your copies have to be certified copies, you'll need to complete a statutory declaration form from the post office or find someone who is a Justice of the Peace (if you don't know one already you might be able to find one in a Centrelink office).

Ensure your application is professionally presented
Employers like to present a professional image and are looking at your application to ensure that you share their values. For example:

Type your application, unless they specify for you to hand write it

  • Use clean, white A4 paper
  • Don't make manual corrections, such as crossing something out or using correction fluid. Re-type it, then re-print it
  • Make sure it is easy to read, the print is clear, there are spaces between paragraphs, a suitable font size and appropriate margins are used
  • If the application doesn't fit easily into a standard envelope, use an A4 one
  • Use a standard font, such as Arial 12
  • Don't be tempted to give it a little something extra. Avoid using cover pages, pictures and multiple colours unless you are asked to
  • Staple your application, rather than bind it.
  • If posting your application make sure you send it in plenty of time,
    otherwise try and drop it off in person





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